Good health and good taste can go together

Food is one of the pleasures of life. It needs to be tasty and delicious. But we have become increasingly aware that food also needs to be healthy. The question is: must we be doomed to eating food that’s less than flavourful and looks sad and unappetising in order to stay healthy?

The answer, fortunately, is “No”. Good taste and good health can go together so we need not be denied the joy of eating. Here are some chef-tested ideas to make healthy food delicious.
So, why not get smart and savvy in the kitchen and enjoy the best of both worlds?

Try different cooking methods
Frying, unless you use really a small quantity of oil, is detrimental to health. But there are many other ways to cook food, specially vegetables, such as boiling, steaming, sautéing or grilling. The result is just as delicious.

Season your butter
If the recipe calls for butter, don’t use plain butter. Season it with herbs like thyme, some garlic or lemon zest. So you use less butter overall but still have great flavour.

Roast veggies for better taste
Don’t like to eat your vegetables raw? Cut them into thin slices and just roast in a pan. You’ll be surprised at how good they taste.

Try vinegar to cut down on salt
If you think your dish needs something extra but don’t want to reach for the salt, try a dash of vinegar instead. It offers a light and refreshing way to make an average dish taste better.

Use fat at the end, not the start of cooking
Wait till the end of your cooking to add fat for taste. It rests on the surface of the food instead of getting soaked into all the ingredients. You will need much less fat this way.

Use plenty of herbs
Fresh herbs like coriander leaves or parsley chopped fine and added to even an ordinary boiled dish makes a world of difference.

Play flavours off each other
Salty, sweet, sour and spicy are the four points of the compass of our palate. Why not play them off each other to add to the flavour? For instance, sweet with spicy or sour with salty?
By the way, adding salt in stages rather than all at once, builds flavour and you tend to use less.

Add crushed spices to the dish
Crush spices like peppercorns, coriander or cumin seeds and add to the dish. They bring out the natural flavours of the food and you can just cut out the oil.

Replace cream with yoghurt
Cream –and sour cream, mayonnaise and butter—rich in fat, are best avoided. Use yoghurt instead. Another alternative to cream in cooking is steamed and pureed cauliflower.

The fresher the better
Use the freshest vegetables possible and you’ll find there’s a lot of natural flavour. Or grow your own. Nothing like a carrot fresh from the garden going into the pan. Fresh vegetables need very little by way of additives for taste.

Marinate food before cooking
Wherever possible, marinate your food before cooking—in yoghurt, lime juice or spices. This way you will save on oil and still not compromise on taste.

Food tastes better when it looks good
Make food look appetising on the plate. Don’t just pile up your plate. You’ll find you’re eating less and enjoying every morsel. Quality is better than quantity.

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